About the Journal


It is a peer-reviewed scholarly publication at the intersection of research, practice, and real-world applications in the field of applied psychology. In response to the evolving needs of both researchers and practitioners, this journal aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice by providing a platform for the dissemination of high-quality, evidence-based qualitative and quantitative research including case studies, systematic reviews, critical reviews and meta-analysis. This journal is published on behalf of  Department of Psychology, University of Home Economics Lahore Pakistan.



It is a double blind, peer-reviewed journal committed to fostering excellence in the field of applied psychology. Our mission is to provide a dynamic platform for researchers, practitioners, educators, and policymakers to advance psychological science, encourage innovation, and promote the application of research findings for the betterment of individuals and society. Our journal welcomes contributions that span the diverse and dynamic landscape of psychological science, including but not limited to

Promoting Excellence in Research: Our Journal is committed to publishing high-quality research that contributes to the advancement of knowledge in various domains of Psychological Science. We aim to support and encourage researchers in their pursuit of excellence and innovation.

Bridging Theory and Practice: Our journal seeks to bridge the gap between theory and practice by showcasing studies that offer practical solutions to real-world problems. We welcome research that demonstrates the direct applicability of psychological principles in diverse settings, including clinical, educational, organizational, and community contexts.

Fostering Interdisciplinary Collaboration: We recognize that many contemporary challenges require multidisciplinary approaches. Our Journal encourages interdisciplinary research that integrates psychology with other fields, enabling a more holistic understanding of complex issues.

Supporting Evidence-Based Decision-Making: We are dedicated to promoting evidence-based practices in applied psychology. The journal welcomes systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and research that critically evaluates the effectiveness of psychological interventions, assessments, and strategies.

Global and Cultural Perspectives: In an increasingly interconnected world, we encourage research that explores how cultural, societal, and global factors influence psychological processes and the practice of psychology. We aim to provide a platform for cross-cultural and international perspectives

Innovations and Technologies: Exploration of emerging technologies and innovative methodologies that enhance the practice and understanding of applied psychology.

Psychological Assessment: Advances in assessment tools and techniques, with a focus on their practical utility and relevance.



Our Journal welcomes submissions across a wide spectrum of topics within the field, including but not limited to:

Clinical and Health Psychology: Research on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of psychological disorders, as well as studies addressing health-related behaviors and interventions.

Organizational and Industrial Psychology: Investigations into workplace behavior, leadership, motivation, and organizational development, with a focus on improving workplace well-being and productivity.

Educational Psychology: Studies on teaching and learning, educational interventions, assessment methods, and the psychology of learning environments.

Community and Social Psychology: Research on community well-being, social change, and interventions aimed at addressing societal issues, such as prejudice, discrimination, and social inequalities.

Applied Cognitive Psychology: Explorations of cognitive processes and their practical applications, including decision-making, problem-solving, and cognitive interventions.

Psychological Assessment and Measurement: Advances in psychological assessment tools, measurement techniques, and their practical utility in various settings.


Editorial Commitment:

The editorial team is composed of esteemed experts who are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of scientific integrity and rigor. We are committed to ensuring that published work contributes significantly to the advancement of applied psychology.

Our rigorous peer-review process involves experts from various subfields of applied psychology, providing constructive feedback to authors to enhance the quality and impact of their work.

Our Journal invites researchers and practitioners to join us in our mission to promote excellence in applied psychology, facilitate the translation of research into practice, and contribute to the enhancement of individual well-being and societal progress. We look forward to fostering a vibrant community of professionals dedicated to the positive transformation of our world through psychological science.